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victory peak fire station

Year : 2014 ~ 2015
Client: Architectural Services Department

Heritage Information Modelling (HIM) was a very first project launched by ArchSD which combines technology and heritage conservation. Victoria Peak

Fire Station (山頂消防局) has been selected to be the Historic Building. Advanced technologies were applied in this experimental and award-winning project, including 3D scanning for the whole building, GPS and ibeacon site detaction mechanism, Augmented Reality (AR) for interpretations of history and artifacts through QR and RFID.

The Former Peak School (舊山頂英童學校), now the Victoria Peak Fire Station is located at No. 7 Gough Hill Path, the Peak. Built in 1915, it was erected as a school for the British children living in the peak area and converted into a fire station in 1967.

Scope of Works

Appointed by Advanced Construction Information Development Limited (A-C-I-D) as sub-consultant who was responsible for history
finding, appraisal of artifacts, preparation of Heritage Identification Report and coordination of modelling with the consultant team.

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