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tin hau tample, lam tsuen

Year : 2016 - 2017 & 2019 onward
Client: Lam Tseun Village Committee
Project Sum: 1.3 Million (Supported by The Commissioner for Heritage’s Office)

Tin Hau Temple (天后宮) in Fong Ma Po (放馬莆), Lam Tsuen (林村), is believed to be built in the 33rd year of Qianlong reign (乾隆,1768), Qing (清) dynasty as a cloud gong has the dating inscribed on it. The temple was destroyed by Typhoon Dot (黛蒂) in 1964 and damages further by a fire in 1965. It was renovated in 1967. It has three halls, the middle one being for the Tin Hau , the left one named Man Mo Court (文武殿) for the Kwan Tai (關帝) and the left one called Lung Mo Court (龍母殿) with a tablet of Tang Chim (鄧詹) and his wife for their contribution in founding the temple.

Scope of Works


  1. Repair works for the Main Hall and Secondary Halls

  2. Re-roofing tiled pitch roofs in traditional Hakka style

  3. Replacement of timber purlins

  4. Re-paint external walls and impressed bricklines

  5. Re-paint faded motifs and paintings

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