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tsing shan monstery, tuen mun

Year : 2008 ~ 2011
Client: The Charitable Trust of Tsing Shan Monastery
Project Sum: 30 Million

Established in 1918, the Tsing Shan Monastery (青山禪院) in Tuen Mun is one of the largest temple compounds which consists of more than 20 numbers of built heritage, in which 11 of them are graded historic buildings. The monastory is also one of the most important ancient Buddhist sites in Hong Kong. Its association with the legendary monk Master Pui Tu (杯渡禪師) is well known. The various buildings within the monastery compound represent a tradition of Ch’an School (禪宗) of Buddhism as demonstrated in its disposition, construction, decorations and artifacts. The historical significance, social association and the architectural merit make it one of the most worth studying and conserving heritage place in Hong Kong.

Over the years, the buildings had seriously deteriorated and urgent repairs were needed. The renovation works began in 2009 with the aim of conserving the heritage value of 10 buildings and the surrounding landscape.

Scope of Works


  1. Re-roofing tiled pitch roofs

  2. Replacement of timber purlins

  3. Repair wall paintings and mofis

  4. Repair timber windows

  5. Repair wall plastering

  6. Re-painting all external and internal walls

  7. Repair concrete spallings

  8. Repair building structure members Repair floor tiles

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