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Year of Completion : 2017 Onward

Client: Undisclosed

Project Sum: 50.0 Million

St Stephen's Girls' College, known as SSGC, is a school under the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican Church). The school first opened in 1906 and is managing by the SSGC Council. SSGC is one of the first schools to devote itself to the education of girls in Hong Kong. The West Wing and the Central Portion of the Main Building were completed in 1923 while the East Wing was erected in 1928. The building is a four-storey structure enclosing a school hall in the centre. 

Scope of Works

  1. Interior re-layout of staffrooms & classrooms

  2. Repair historic timber doors and iromongeries

  3. Repair historic windows

  4. Repair historic timber mouldings

  5. Re-wiring all Elec. & ELV cable

  6. Re-paint all internal walls

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