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sik lo, yuen long

Year : 2016 -2018
Client: Mr. Yeung
Project Sum: 2.0 Million (Supported by The Commissioner for Heritage’s Office)

Sik Lo (適廬) was constructed in 1938. It is located at 131-132 Wong Nan Tun Tsuen in Yuen Long. Sik Lo also refer as Yeung Ka Tsuen (楊家村) which is part of Shap Pat Heung (十八鄉) and a typical Hakka style building compound which is not commonly found in Hong Kong. In addition, the roof is in Canton style which is rare in a Hakka building.

Scope of Repair Works


  1. Re-roofing tiled pitch roofs in Canton style

  2. Replacement of timber purlins

  3. Repair wall paintings

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