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Former Banque de I’Indochine Building

Year : 2017 Onward
Client: Undisclosed
Project Sum: 50.0 Million

This building is graded as A1 class (國寶級) in historic building classification in China. It is one of the largest building in Shamian, Guangzhou and was built in 1920s, used as a bank office.

The client purchased the right of operation from the Guangzhou government and planned to convert into an international art school.

Scope of Works


  1. Interior design and re-layout

  2. Repair historic elements: timber doors, windows, ironmongeries, fireplaces,

  3. grandstair, tiles, etc

  4. Re-wiring of Elec. & ELV cables

  5. Installation of fire services

  6. Installation of mechanical ventilation system

  7. Re-paint all internal walls

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